What is UK10K?

The UK10K project will enable researchers in the UK and beyond to better understand the link between low-frequency and rare genetic changes, and human disease caused by harmful changes to the proteins the body makes.

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Wellcome Library, London

Although many hundreds of genes that are involved in causing disease have already been identified, it is believed that many more remain to be discovered. The UK10K project aims to help uncover them by studying the genetic code of 10,000 people in much finer detail than ever before.

Project Design

Lines of DNA code

Not all genetic changes are harmful or lead to disease, so the project is taking a two-pronged approach to identify rare variants and their effects:

The project received a £10.5 million funding award from Wellcome in March 2010 and sequencing started in late 2010. For more information, please use the links on the right hand side.

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